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Thus far, we have worked with two organizations and helped them set up very promising projects.  One of them is a cultural organization; the other one a small business.

Pilot 1:
The first organization is a cultural initiative in Edingen-Neckarhausen (“KIEN” = Kulturinitiative Edingen-Neckarhausen) near Heidelberg.  Every December it organizes a Christmas Market for Kids (“Kinderweihnachtsmarkt”).  In contrast to regular Christmas Markets this one targets children.  This means that the program is geared towards children, i.e., games, shows, exhibitions, food and drinks, etc.  Since this Christmas Market is the only one of its kind in the region it has become more and more popular.  Alas, this does not mean that financially it breaks even.
Together with i-Sparks KIEN assessed the pressing issues, identifying the root cause, developing a compelling vision for the future and sketching a pilot project how to overcome the present problems.  We have summarized the findings in a Mindmap (sorry, available in German only).

Pilot 2:
The second pilot project deals with the founding of a “Kulturkino”, a cultural cinema, near Landau, Palatinate.  As soon as the first mindmaps and additional documentations become available they will be shared with the community.


Additional pilot projects are being setup.  Join us in this important phase.


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