i-Sparks: Celebrating Failure


Oops, we failed!

keyboard_help_key_400_clr_8838i-Sparks has been up and running for a couple of months now.  While online traffic is quite high considering that we are not actively promoting i-Sparks and we have more than 200 registered users, actual progress, i.e., results or outputs of i-Sparks have been minimal at best.  This is not enough.

Now, there are a number of options.  a) continue as usual, b) bury i-Sparks, or c) celebrate our struggles and invite the i-Sparks community to build a new business model for i-Sparks.  We think that option c) is best.  What does this mean?

We will revisit the original inspirations and vision of i-Sparks and its first steps towards this mission and openly share our problems and ask the community to share their thoughts and comments. Based on the results of this exercise we want to develop ideas how to proceed.  Remodelling our business model will be at the core of this exercise.  Last but not least, we want to realize the new business model.

In order to learn more about the remodelling efforts of i-Sparks you have to be a registered member.  Membership is free and registration takes only a minute.

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