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Re-Modelling i-Sparks: Celebrating Failure, Liberating Innovation

hand_help_flag_400_clr_10897i-Sparks has been up and running for a couple of months now.  While online traffic is quite high considering that we are not actively promoting i-Sparks and we have more than 200 registered users, actual progress, i.e., results or outputs of i-Sparks have been minimal at best.  This is not enough.

Now, there are a number of options.  a) continue as usual, b) bury i-Sparks, or c) celebrate our struggles and invite the i-Sparks community to build a new business model for i-Sparks.  We think that option c) is best.  What does this mean?

We will revisit the original inspirations and vision of i-Sparks and its first steps towards this mission and openly share our problems and ask the community to share their thoughts and comments. Based on the results of this exercise we want to develop ideas how to proceed.  Remodelling our business model will be at the core of this exercise.  Last but not least, we want to realize the new business model.

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Lost & Found ID

lfid_bilderNobody wants to loose their keys, mobile phones, luggage and other important things. But what happens if you loose them afterall?! In 95% you’ll never get back any of them. WHY? Nobody knows whos item it is!
With LFID.NET you will get back lost items on an easy way. LFID is your personal number to secure important items.

Great idea, isn’t it?  And yet, we are struggling and need your help.

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Comenius Project: Fears and Hopes of Young Europeans

This special project “Fears and Hopes of Young Europeans” of the Comenius Programme of the European Commission is conducted by students of the Carl-Benz-Gymnaisum in Ladenburg, Germany.
Students are asked to visualize their fears and hopes, realize similarities and differences between the partner countries, and think about how negative emotions can be turned into something positive.

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A New School in North Eastern India

In India today rich is getting richer, poor is getting poorer.  On top of that,  government policies are not taking care of absolute poor.  Lack of education on poor community, political corruption, lack of incentives for middle class to help the community has taken a toll.
The vision of a better future is to empower under privileged kids and enable them to take on the challenge of life through primary education and lessons. For this purpose the idea is to found and run a local school in North Eastern India.

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Securing the Future of a Christmas Market for Kids

Every Holiday season a cultural initiative in Edingen-Neckarhausen (“KIEN” = Kulturinitiative Edingen-Neckarhausen) near Heidelberg organizes a Christmas Market for Kids (“Kinderweihnachtsmarkt”).  In contrast to regular Christmas Markets this one specifically targets children.  This means that the program is geared towards children, i.e., games, shows, exhibitions, food and drinks, etc.  Since this Christmas Market is the only one of its kind in the region it has become more and more popular.  Alas, this does not mean that financially it breaks even.
Together with i-Sparks KIEN assessed the pressing issues, identifying the root cause, developing a compelling vision for the future and sketching a pilot project how to overcome the present problems.

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