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You are invited to share your project story – may it be a success story or an issue or complete failure -  and ask the i-Sparks community for feedback and advice.  Together we will celebrate your project success or analyze your challenges, develop new solution concepts and pragmatic project setups and thus grow your ideas into project successes.

Tell us about your story and fill out the form below.

An i-Sparks Coach will review your information and get back to you in case of any questions. Once we have enough information about your initiative we will create your own page for your new project where you can post additional information about your initiative and invite others to contribute to the celebration or development of your project.

Throughout this process an i-Sparks Coach will assist you in case you need any help.

If you like, you can fill in the form in German, too. | Gerne können sie das Formular auch in Deutsch ausfüllen.

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