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About Us

i-Sparks is an online community that motivates and helps individuals and organizations turn project challenges and failures into projects for success. Through i-Sparks community members can discover, develop, test and conduct new and borderless ways of problem solving, idea generation and successful project creation and execution.
Empowering Leadershipi-Sparks is an affiliate of Thomas Juli Empowerment Partners (TJEP), a professional service organization for innovative empowerment, consulting and interim management in the areas of governance, leadership, project and operational management.
Our philosophy and guiding principle is summarized in our mission statement:

Empowering people and organizations through leadership.

Please visit our website to learn more about our services. Thomas Juli Empowerment Partners is registered company at brainGuide
The i-Sparks Community cannot be developed without the help of reliable partners and sponsors. Please let us know if you too want to support the cause of i-Sparks.

Our strategic partners

http://www.spacecubed.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/start-some-good-logo.jpgStart Some Good is one of the leading online communities for open social innovation.  StartSomeGood has helped hundreds of projects in the social area secure the necessary funds for their projects to kickoff and provide those projects with an outstanding platform for communicating what counts when you strive for positive social change.  Since March i-Sparks has been listed as an official venture of StartSomeGood.  This way it will become even easier for i-Sparks community members not only to grow an idea into a project but also to finance it and thus kickstart it for success. On this token we encourage you to visit StartSomeGood and support some of the really innovative campaigns that will create positive social change.
Mindomo which provides outstanding mindmapping services. i-Sparks will be using Mindomo for it offers one of the most intuitive mindmapping tools available on the net.  Plus, it makes collaborating across the internet easy as 1-2-3.
  Reichert Consulting GmbH: Strategy consultant and innovation expert.  This is what Klaus Reichert says about his services: “Zusammen mit engagierten, kreativen Unternehmern und Managern von High-Tech Firmen und Start-ups aus Internet, IT, Telekommunikation, Mobilität, Energie und Forschung arbeite ich an neuen Geschäftsmodellen und Innovationsstrategien, begleite unabhängig Ideenfindung, Konzeption und Marketing für neue Produkte und Märkte als Berater & Coach.”
We are looking for avid and passionate individuals who express a sincere interest in social change and who want to motivate and help individuals and organizations turn project challenges or failures into projects for success with the help of i-Sparks. At present we are especially looking for individuals who can help us with the following:
  • WordPress, Buddypress
  • Website community building
  • User experience design
  • SEO
  • Marketing (especially dialogue and reverse marketing)
  • Finance
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Datamining, neural networks
Please send an email to info@i-sparks.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Dr. Thomas Juli, Founder & CEO
Germany: Rahmengasse 9 69120 Heidelberg Phone: (06221) 3544312
USA: 2018 Jeffery Martin Drive St.Louis 63366 Phone: (636) 293-2355
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About i-Sparks

i-Sparks is an online community that motivates and helps individuals and organizations turn project challenges and failures into projects for success.  
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Through i-Sparks, community members can share, discover, develop, test and perform new and borderless ways of problem solving, idea generation, successful project creation and execution.  Membership is free and registration only takes a minute.