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Sparking projects for success

i-Sparks is an open online community that motivates and helps individuals and organizations turn project challenges and project failures into projects for success.

Sparking projects for success includes 3 phases.  In other words, from identifying a challenge till successfully starting and executing your project your challenge will pass through 3 distinct and joint phases:



In the MOTIVATION phase you can share your project challenges or failures and invite the community to help analyze the root causes of the issues, identify assets and develop new ideas worth realizing in a project setting.







The VISION Phase

In the VISION phase you structure your ideas and develop solution concepts that work for you.  Together with the i-Sparks community you finetune your motivation, vision and project statements and thus help build a foundation for project success.





In the PROJECT phase you form your project team, set up your project for success and execute it. i-Sparks facilitates this process and even helps you find the necessary resources for your project to take off successfully.









Project Success is not limited to the final and successful outcomes of the three i-Sparks phases.  It is an ongoing process of discovering, sharing, learning and celebrating ideas, inspiration and innovation for social change.







Does this mean that growing ideas into projects for success follows a sequential process?

No, not necessarily.  While this may be true for most ideas and projects, there can be instances where this is not the case.  For example, you have a concrete idea about a project, get inspired by some new ideas which move you to question your motivation and adjust your vision and objectives.  This in return could cause the project to change altogether.

Growing ideas into projects for success is hence a perpetual process between the Motivation, Vision and Project phases.  This is reflected in the i-Sparks logo.

Project failures can be a fruitful ground for project success after all.  It start with YOU by acknowleding and sharing your challenges and thus starting a process of liberating innovation.



Who can participate?

i-Sparks welcomes all individuals, organizations and companies interested in projects for social change. To participate in a project, we first ask you to sign up – but don’t worry, we’ll never share any of the personal information you give us, unless you explicitly agreed to being contacted by a project sponsor when you signed up for a project.

What is i-Sparks’ involvement in the challenges?

Think of us as facilitators: we’re here to help make the process work as well as possible. Sometimes we’ll help tidy things up in between phases, re-framing ideas so they’re clearer and help you focus on what’s most important. It’s your job to constitute what makes a good idea, inspiration, innovation and, last but not least, a successful project.

Is this a competition or a collaboration?

It’s a collaboration.

When will the community be fully functional?

We hope to cover more and more projects  in our online community in the near future.

I want to suggest a new feature or tell you about something that’s broken.

Thank you! Please email us.

How do I deactivate my account?

We hope that you enjoyed being part of the community while you were here. Please contact us at, and we’ll pull the plug.

My question is not listed above.

Please submit questions (with answers, if you’d like) to

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i-Sparks helps you, individuals and organizations, turn project challenges and even failures into projects for success.


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i-Sparks is an online community that motivates and helps individuals and organizations turn project challenges and failures into projects for success.  
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