Failure can be liberating and the doorway to success

stairs_of_opportunity_11033Why is it that failure is perceived as a bad thing?  Put differently, why is it that we punish mistakes or being punished for our mistakes?

Simple? Ok, then tell me all about the rationale for this abstruse pattern.  For I believe it is a pattern.  While it may have its purpose in some place, it is certainly out of place whenever you try to create something new, whenever you are or work in an innovative environment.

An oxymoron: Punishing mistakes in an “innovative” environment

I have worked in and for quite a few projects in different companies all over the world.  Most of them consider themselves “innovative companies”.  The good news: lots of projects fail.  The bad news: lots of people get blamend and/or punished for it.  How ludricous!  For, how do you want to be creative and innovative if you don’t have the freedom to fail – and learn from your mistakes.

Don’t mourn but CELEBRATE your failures!

Instead of punishing failures, let’s see what we can learn from our failures.  Let’s take a deep breath, seize the moment, mourn (if you want to and need to), and then CELEBRATE our failures.  Yes, you heard me right: let’s celebrate our failures.  For it is or can easily be the best thing that happened to us because now we may know how not to proceed.  Correct your path and proceed.  Simple?  Yes.  But, why are we not doing this more often?!

Sparking projects for success – from project failures

The idea of i-Sparks is to offer you a playground where you can share your project failures.  Express all your frustration, all the “shit” you experienced or was loaded on you, mourn  – and then invite others to celebrate this chaos, identify weak and strong links, generate new ideas, put them together and thus build something new.  This way failure can become liberating.  And it can become a door opener to success.  However, you have to embrace failure, acknowledge it, celebrate it for it is, or at least can become, the one and only opportunity you have been looking for.

What are you waiting for?!

Seth Godin on failing until you succeed

Bestselling author Seth Godin talks about why it is so important to fail and do so more often than others – if you want to succeed.  Take a few minutes and watch this inspiring video:



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