99 Fears of Young Europeans – a project by students of the CBG Ladenburg

One of i-Sparks’ first pilot projects “Fears and Hopes of Young Europeans” has been been going on for some time now.  Even though blog posts and other public updates have been scarce, the students of the Carl-Benz Gymnasium (CBG) have been quite active during the last couple of weeks.  On Friday March 15, 2013 the Comenius Project at the CBG presented its drawings about what they are afraid of.  Have a look at the pictures below for some impressions.

This is what CBG students are afraid of …

We noticed that our fears are very similar [to those of students from other countries].  Most of us fear death, decisions, not being free, being alone or not being able to achieve our goals.  It’s scary that time flies, faster and faster.  When we were little a day was so long and today, what’s a day? – Nothing.  And we can’t influence it, like death.  We are afraid that someone will no longer with us and of life’s uncertainty.  At our age we have to take many important decisions, so we are afraid of taking the wrong ones and of not achieving our goasls.  A German proverb says: “We only appreciate what we have when we have lost it”.  Many of us fear being left alone.  Being alone because nobody accepts us or because we have lost somebody.  Besides, we are afreiad of not being free due to our many social roles, our limited free time, school or becaue we think our journey through life has already been determined.  But freedom is in our minds, freedom means accepting restritions and there is a saying that “Ultimate freedome is only when there’s nothing left to lose”.

On the other hand there are some individual fears.  Some of us are afraid of themselves, maybe because thy sometimes don’t know what’s goin on with them.  Others are afraid of failing, for example of losing their social environment.  Another student even fears making others fall with him.  He doen’t want to e a milstone around somebody’s neck, … Fear of God, is also a special fear.  Why are we afraid of God? – We have done something bad and will he punish us? We no really know wht God will do? Or …

What’s next?

The pilot project is not over.  To a certain extent it hasn’t even started yet.  For, what we have now is a list of fears, issues, concerns young Europeans have.  It is one thing to identify them.  It is another to do something about them.

This is why i-Sparks will continue with a select group of CBG students, pick 1 or 2 concerns and then develop solutions to them.  We then want to grow this solution into a concrete project.  What this will be, is too early to tell at this point.  Please contact i-Sparks if you want to actively particpate in this exercise.

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