No Ideas for Social Change?! Come on! Change – what an abstract topic!  And, what a pragmatic way of saying we are experiencing change and want to stay in control of it. Social change is all around us.
It may be positive
such as meeting people and making friends, opening a new group or business, donating for a social cause and thus helping underprivileged people in our neighborhood or somewhere else on our globe.
It may be negative
such as uncontrolled losing your job, local swimming pools being shut down due to overspending of the local government, population growth, environmental pollution, warfare, political persecution, etc.

In either way, social change is about us, our environment, what happens to us, what we want to, hesitate or will make out of it.

i-Sparks invites you to share your ideas of and for social change.  For this purpose we have created a new forum called IDEAS FOR SOCIAL CHANGE.  You can access this forum either through the community site or under the page “How it Works / Ideas – Forum”.

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