So, you have an idea about social change? – Do something about it!

We, i.e., individuals and organizations around the world, face unprecedented social, economic, ecological, and political challenges. Worse, we can expect these challenges to multiply in the next decades we must confront them. What’s needed are new and fresh ideas to tackle and solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

There are thousands and thousands of new ideas how to confront these challenges.  And yet, most of these ideas remain just that: ideas, figments of our imagination, remote from reality. This raises the questions: if we have so many ideas, why don’t we do more with them? What is necessary to follow up on them and put them to work? What’s holding us back?

Staying still, not trying to face the challenges ahead will not diminish but multiply them.  Ideas remain useless and thus constitute lost opportunities due to idle, unemployed talent and lack of the right approach to tackle and solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.   What’s needed are new skills and tools, networks, and fields of practice that help overcome this dilemma.  This is where i-Sparks comes in.

i-Sparks helps you – individuals, non-profit organizations and small businesses interested in social change – grow your ideas into projects for success Through i-Sparks you can discover, develop, test and conduct new and borderless ways of problem solving, idea generation and successful project creation and crowdfunding.  For this purpose i-Sparks is building an open social community platform that sparks ideas, inspirations and innovations for social change.

i-Sparks is unique in its style, methodology and network.

  • i-Sparks follows a holistic, project- and thus results-oriented approach to problem solving and idea generation
  • i-Sparks nurtures a truly open collaborative environment with reliable and trustworthy individuals and organizations that build an exceptionally strong community
  • i-Sparks connects seemingly unrelated knowledge thus creating breakthrough insights

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i-Sparks is an online community that motivates and helps individuals and organizations turn project challenges and failures into projects for success.  
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Through i-Sparks, community members can share, discover, develop, test and perform new and borderless ways of problem solving, idea generation, successful project creation and execution.  Membership is free and registration only takes a minute.